Windows 8 in the workplace

We’ve installed Windows 8 Professional to a number of desktops and laptops of varying age here in our office. It takes a little while to get used to the new GUI, especially with dual monitors as the “swipe to the corner” option is not quite intuitive. You WILL eventually find those 5 charms on the right! The new Start Screen looks great but we do find ourselves reverting to the traditional Windows desktop, more often than not. We’ve had no problems with any of our thick client applications. Our only issue to date has been with IE10. Some of our browser based apps just will not function in IE10. That’s not Microsoft’s fault though and we are working on this.


The installation process was straightforward but time consuming. We tested both fresh installations and upgrades from Windows 7.


Windows 8 is certainly booting faster than Windows 7 on the same hardware. That’s good!


We didn’t like Windows Reader. It’s cumbersome and doesn’t play well with our Logitech scroller mice.


Windows key + X is an occasional life saver providing easy access to commonly used options. It’s almost like a Start menu!


We love most the ability to directly mount both ISO and VHD files from Windows Explorer. That’s the techie bit but these are great features.





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