Software Updates for Windows : How important are they?

We are all familiar with programs and operating systems prompting us that there are software updates available, a lot of people see these prompts as a nuisance and ignore them but really these should be given more attention.


A software update or patch, as it is sometimes called, is a piece of software designed to fix problems with or update a computer program or its supporting data. In the case of server and PC operating systems this could be to fix a security vulnerability where as in the case of application software it may be to improve performance or usability.


For now we will concentrate only on Microsoft operating system and server updates as these affect all of our customers. Microsoft regularly release software updates for windows which are classified as critical or optional. Normally for PCs the critical updates will be automatically applied as long as the device is restarted in the case of servers we do not automatically apply updates and recommend that these should be applied outside of normal office hours as invariably they will require a server reboot.


If you have concerns about Microsoft security Updates you can contact us by email or by phone (021) 4947777




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