Server 2012 Virtualisation

Virtualisation has been adopted by larger businesses for some time now with great success. However more recently smaller businesses have been cottoning on to the fact that solutions such as Microsoft Server 2012 virtualisation can be of real benefit to them too. Let’s see just how it can help small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s).


Lowering costs

For SMB’s keeping business costs down is absolutely vital and server 2012 virtualisation does just that by reducing the amount of servers a business has to run. This is done simply by amalgamating them into one system. Therefore any business who embraces Virtualisation will be saving money on hardware costs. In addition, and from an environmental perspective, the amount of energy needed to power various servers is also likely to be greatly reduced.


Easy recovery in the event of problems

Virtualisation has been proven to reduce the risk of computer outages and important data loss; malfunctions of which have been known to result in lost sales and more importantly, lost future business. This can clearly be cataclysmic for any small to medium sized business, especially when trying to make their mark. However, with a virtualisation programme in place, then should the unfortunate event occur and the system goes down, server 2012 virtualisation can dramatically reduce disaster recovery time by increasing application availability. As a result system problems should easily be identified and recovery should be pretty quick.


Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

Those SMB’s that have taken the plunge into virtualisation have found that they have managed to reduce the amount of time spent on IT based admin. Tasks such as managing/adding server workloads, adding/managing employee data and developing and launching new computer based processes to make smoother business transactions, are all pretty time consuming. Not only this, they tend to remove focus from the actual act of being responsive to real time business requirements. As a result, businesses who have adopted virtualisation have become more customer-focussed and therefore far more responsive to good old fashioned business requirements.


The bottom line is that Server 2012 Virtualisation should no longer be solely for the use of top FTSE 100 companies. In fact, it’s easy to see why virtualisation is fast becoming the operation of choice for many businesses. To prove a point, many SMB’s are rapidly adopting virtualisation practices and achieving significant results. Whilst it’s true that many businesses have yet to adopt virtualisation, it surely is only a matter of time as the benefits clearly speak for themselves.


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