Office 365 – A Flexible Email Solution

I have had discussions with a number of clients recently about the benefits of moving some of their systems to the cloud, the most recent was an accountant who was using a free email service. He uses MS Outlook on his laptop and this works fine, the difficulties start when he is not connected to his home network and the out-going SMTP service can’t authenticate so he is unable to send emails. He has tried using the web versions of email but has found these too cumbersome.


He also felt that the free email address does not reflect very well on the professionalism of his company and he wanted to register a domain in keeping with the company image.


The solution we came up was to register a new domain and implement email hosted on Office 365. We considered the basic Exchange online which would have only been an email solution at €3.57 per user per month but as there were only three users we opted for the P1 plan at €5.25 per user per month which along with email also gave him access to SharePoint and Lync. Once the domain was registered we were quickly able to set it up in Office 365, we then added the users and the system was up and running in a couple of hours. We also setup his iPhone to synchronise with his email.


Now with Office 365, when he travels he has the option of using his phone, laptop or any other device to access his email, he is also using Lync to communicate with his colleagues while he is on the move. We are now encouraging him to put the public pages of his SharePoint site live so he will also have a website.

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