Dual path secure signalling is now available in Ireland. Computer Solutions have been appointed distributer for WebWayOne products in Ireland.


WebWayOne Brochure

The WebWayOne communicator can be purchased in a number of different configurations, for dual path you choose between IP/GPRS or GPRS/PSTN and for single path you have the option of IP or GPRS.


Your premises are protected by your alarm system and the communications network between your premises and the alarm receiving centre are protected by the WebWay managed signalling service. This signalling path can also be used to provide secure remote connection to the alarm panel for remote servicing. The WebWay communicator comes with a fixed IP roaming SIM which ensures the best possible signal for your site, the cost of this SIM is included in you annual ongoing charges.

The WebWay communicator has direct integration with the following panel manufactures, Aritech, Castle, Cooper, DSC, Guardwell, HKC, Honeywell, Pyronix, Scantronic, Siemens, Texacom and the list is growing all the time. Where direct integration is not available you can connect directly to the PINS on board.


Support for all your installations is provided directly by Computer Solutions and once the WebWay communicator is powered up we can connect remotely to assist with any issues you may have.


To find out more visit www.webwayone.co.uk and you can register free on www.webwayworld.com to get the latest technical information and prices or you can contact us on (021) 4947777 for support please call (021) 2427078