Cloud Computing Cork

Cloud Computing

So, first, What is Cloud?

The definitions are many but it may be simply defined as computing, as a service, over the Internet. Cloud computing, usually referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of required computing resources such as applications (email, CRM, etc.) from data centres, over the Internet, on a pay for use basis.

Cloud computing is now a viable solution for businesses, of all sizes.


Your business has the option to move some or all of your required services to the cloud – Email, Backup, File storage and business applications are all available. The problem is, how do you decide what is best for you organisation?


We have worked with businesses of single users up to large-scale enterprises (with over 250 users spread across multiple locations). We have completed advanced migration processes from
on-premise solutions to the cloud. We will advise on which services are appropriate to migrate and which may be best retained on-premise. We will work with you, from the planning stage of such a project, right through the migration and post migration support.


While server infrastructure may be simplified by moving services to the cloud, the planning and migration processes are complex and should be discussed and analysed, well in advance of any migration.


Cloud services can benefit all businesses. Click the link to read some of the key benefits of cloud computing. Call us and we can help you take advantage of the services on offer.