Internet Security – Simple steps to stay protected

Internet Security, Anti-Virus, malware, spyware, Trojans – You’ve heard and maybe read about these. You probably have some form of protection on your desktop, laptop or android device. You need to be aware though, that none of the security applications are 100% effective. To complement the work of the installed application, you should take note of some or all of the following..


If you must follow a link from an email or a webpage, make sure you know where it’s going, otherwise don’t do it.


If a trusted link requires you to install something, don’t do it unless you are fully aware of what it does.


Watch out for email attachments with double extension, for example, .txt.exe or .pdf.vbs


Be careful of Internet Pop-Ups. If you are warned of an imminent problem with your device, by a Pop-Up, ask for help if you are unsure of its origin.


Delete your browser cache regularly (every time you close the browser is best). This trusted link provides instructions – Clear browser cache instructions


Be careful of emails from unknown senders or of unusual emails from known senders.


Ensure that any installed security applications are regularly updated


Ensure that any critical updates, for your device, are applied


If in doubt about any warning, threat or similar, google it. Someone, somewhere will have had a similar Internet Security experience.





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